Works Contractors – Induction and Registration process

Works Contractors – Induction and Registration process

This information provided on this page, is for sole traders, businesses or companies, engaged by Beaconhills College to services to the College, on site at either Campus’s  Berwick or Pakenham, including Little Beacons.

The services provided may include building works, electrical, plumbing, equipment installation, repairs or services, cleaning services, maintenance, painting and  associated or like services to the grounds, buildings or equipment within the College.

The information below, does not include services offered by Education providers or Incursion Presenters/organisations – please refer HERE for that information.

New Works Contractor Registration Process

Upon initial conversation, you will be advised of your expected start date or required date for the works. A New Supplier Information Form will be issued in the first instance, for Purchase Order issue.

Upon return of that form, a Purchase Order will be issued, and you will be sent an electronic link to the College’s Works Contractor induction system, and you will be required to complete the following steps

Step 1 – Documents

Upload company documents as detailed below, at least 2 days before the contracted start date, and annually prior to expiry

Step 2 – Induction of all employees or workers expected to come on site

Employees can now come on campus at any time for the first time – and undertake the online induction

Step 3 – Ongoing

Complete any request for update of documents, or induction requirements.

Documents and Child Safety induction will be required annually, OHS induction will be bi-annual.

Document requirements

The College requires:

  • Public Liability
  • Work Cover Certificate of Currency
    • If you are Sole trader Work Cover Certificate of Currency is not required)

These documents can be uploaded HERE

Induction & requirements of individuals

Yourself/Workers/Employees who are coming on site will be required to complete our onsite induction the first time, and will require to have available:

  • valid and current – Working with Children clearance (WWCC) Employee clearance, not Volunteer.
  • valid  – Email address
  • accessible  – Mobile Phone number
    • If you are a licensed trade person, or are undertaking permit related works (i.e. confined spaces, or working at heights) we will require these documents at this time before commencement of woks

This site induction will be valid for 2 years, and gives you “contractor’ quick sign in access to our College sign in registration points within the College using your mobile number.

Child Safety

As your organisation is a supplier of maintenance or services, which means you or your staff are on site to undertake works, maintenance or repair tasks from time to time, we need to inform you of this policy and what it means for future site visits to the College. While your duties at the College do not necessitate you having direct contact with students, the College is legislated to ensure that you and your staff are aware of the requirements of the College’s Child Safe Standards and Child protection obligations you have.

At this same time you will be required to complete our awareness training on Child Safety, which will include:

  • individual and collective obligations and responsibilities for managing the risk of child abuse;
  • child abuse risk in the school environment;
  • the College’s current child safe standards and reporting obligations

This awareness training on Child Safety for each person, will be valid for 1 year, this annual obligation is a legislative required of the College under Ministerial Order 870.

It is the College policy, that all individual works contractors or employees must have at all times a valid WWCC. Failure to hold a current or valid WWCC will result in the inability to come on site, until such time it is in place.

These policies can be viewed HERE.