Supplier information Form

Supplier Information Form

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Business Information
Accounts Contact Details
Invoice requirements - please choose ONE option

Please note: The College preferred method is email of PDF invoices, to the email address detailed above. Invoices that are issued with goods, or sent direct to other staff within the College, may experience payment delays. We therefore request that you email all invoices as directed above. All invoices must contain a College Purchase Order number, please ask for one at the time of order confirmation. Failure to show a purchase order on the invoice may result in payment delays.

**Do not use the above address as a delviery or promotional material address, it is for invoices only.**
EFT Bank Payment Details

Accounts Payable information

The College requests that no statements be issued, and payments are made on compliant and valid tax invoices once approved.

For accounts payment queries, please email

For invoices, email is preferred as PDF, please email to

Terms of Trade Accepted for Beaconhills College

Please tick above, the trading terms you are extending to the College. Please issue any credit application form required, if the provided information has not ben sufficient to establish trading terms. Please contact the Finance Manager for any variation to these terms.

Allowing for internal approval processing, these trading terms will be noted on your account for invoice payment terms. Failure to provide a Purchase Order number on an invoice, or sending invoices direct to staff, may cause payment delays.

For all payment or invoice queries

Services / Goods you will supply, and College Contact person

Beaconhills College Child Safe Policies and guidelines apply to all works or service contractors, education service providers, excursion providers and incursion presenters.

The College requires you to review, and ensure your staff are familiar with, the Beaconhills College Child Safe Code of Conduct; provide upon request, current information of a valid Working with Children clearance (OR valid VIT registration) for all relevant persons who will be delivering these services.

Review and register via the Beaconhills College Child Safe Code of Conduct and Acknowledgement form, available online

(Please follow the Education Providers, Incursion Presenters or Works Contractors requirements.)

If you are a Works , Maintenance or Service Contractor, you will be required to complete a further induction and registration process, including provision of insurances, prior to entry to the College. You will be contacted of that requirement.

Under the Privacy Act (the Act) Beaconhills College is required to provide you with certain information as to how we protect your privacy and how we comply with the requirements of the Act and the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APP's). The information is set out in our Privacy Policy which is available on the College's web site.
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