Pre-Service Teacher and Student Placement

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Welcome to Beaconhills College pre-service teacher placement information page.

Please complete the "Your Details" form, prior to service, to ensure we have your contact details correct.

Our approach to education

Our focus in education is to continue to work on ensuring we have contemporary education programs, led by contemporary people using contemporary practices that are supported through access to contemporary places of learning.

Our values

Beaconhills is underpinned by the values of:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Integrity

Our vision: To give students every opportunity to let their light shine and be a beacon in the lives of others and the world they live in.

Our mission

To be an active and leading learning community, committed to an holistic education that nurtures personalised learning. 

Our Motto

The College Motto is Lux Luceat, ‘Let Your Light Shine’, and is our aim for every child in the College. 

Learning That Matters

Learning That Matters represents six pillars that represent our approach to providing our students with an holistic education. At Beaconhills we focus on the whole child to best prepare them for the world they live in. 

Our sub-schools

Our Early Years to Year 12 program is divided into 5 sub-schools that we believe best represents the stages and ages of our child’s learning journey. 

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Welcome to Little Beacons pre-service student placement information page.

Little Beacons aims to prepare children for their journey through life by providing age appropriate learning experiences. The program encourages children to question, experiment, observe and interact with others while promoting their own self-confidence, developing resilience and fostering freedom of expression. The philosophy is built around a child focused environment that reflects a relaxed, supportive and safe place for children to grow and develop. 

Our team consists of the Head of Campus, Deputy Head, Head of Teaching and Learning, Centre Managers, Operations Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinators, Educational Leaders, Coordinators and Co-educators. Our team works closely together to provide excellence in early childhood education. Our educators are keen to support you during your placement. Please feel free to ask questions to facilitate ongoing improvements in teaching and learning at Little Beacons.

The College supports students with placement to provide opportunities to learn and grow the next generation of teaching professionals. It is important that we have a shared understanding of what is expecting during placement and that we continue to maintain the high quality programs for our students. Therefore the College has a number of procedures to support placement.

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  1. You will need to submit an LB Placement Request application (please see the button below) to be considered for placement, this will identify your dates and requirements. You will need to submit your philosophy of teaching and learning with this application.
  2. After consideration of the College’s ability to support the request, you will be invited to attend an interview with the Deputy Head.
  3. You will also be required to have read and understood the Student Handbook (available below).

During you placement, you may become privy to confidential or sensitive information related to Little Beacons, its staff, students or their families.

At all times, you are required to treat such information with the utmost confidence and to respect the privacy of others. A breach of confidentiality or confidence will result in disciplinary action, which may result in termination of your placement.

It is a condition of this placement that you comply with all policies and practices of the College and that your conduct is consistent with the ethos of the College.

Our team and children look forward to sharing time with students on placement.