My Details

Now available on BeaconNet is myDetails

So what can I find here…..

View myDetails – is the landing page of information, and what to expect on the other tabs

Family information – is now an easy way to view all of your “Family Information/Details” including all household/family member phone and email details, residential and postal address details, education and occupation information the College is required to collect for government reporting. myDetails “Family Information”  tab is also where you will update your child’s media and photo permissions, as well as review immunisation details, ensuring they are correct.

You will find HERE  find some helpful information on “Family Information” and what to expect when using the system.

Student Care – is where you will access to the Operoo, for current e-forms to be completed and your child’s/children medical profile, and consent and participation agreements for College programs. Operoo is specifically used for information in relation to your  child’s/children personal health and medical conditions, and to gain consent from parents/carers for certain activities and events your child may be participating in during the school year. At the commencement of each calendar year, a Student Information Update e-form is issued to you via Operoo, to action and respond to before the start of the school year. Please ensure you review fully your child’s(children) profiles, including all the medical  information, and care plans and non-parental emergency contacts are updated at this time. 

Check myFinances – information about the payment methods, and payment schedule of fee accounts.(this access may be limited, depending on family circumstances). If you also have a child in Little Beacons, and you need to make changes to bank account details, please contact Little Beacons directly. You can access information about the College “Fees & Finance” HERE.

Other resources – a handy quick link to other important elements within the College, such as how to register to be a volunteer, parental assistance program and section based information.(much more information is located on the HOME page of BeaconNet as you log in – so go back there at anytime)

To Access and log into My Details click on the below link.

You may be wondering…

  • Why is the College using Oproo and this new myDetails?
    • The College has for a number of years, focused on removing paper forms from the families of the College, and as technology moves, focuses on streamlined methods of you(the parent) being able to update important information with the College, at a time that is convenient to you, not just during office/school hours.
      • Operoo is specifically for your child’s medical information, and your consent and permission to participate in College programs. It allows for staff to access to this information – even in remote “off grid” locations which your child/children will be lucky enough to join in as part of the extensive, all inclusive, Beacon Explorer outdoor education programs.
      • myDetails is an access portal for Family Information of household/family member emails, phone numbers, address details and, as required by Government reporting, education and occupation information. Plus the ability to review and update photo permissions for your child/children, as well as immunisation status information.
      • myDetails also gives you the ability while there to access Student Care(Operoo), check myFinances and other College resources.
        • Both myDetails and Operoo “sync”to each other in some form – but there may be an occasion that we will ask you to update an email or phone in both systems.

If you have any problems updating your details, do not hesitate to contact your Section Administrator.