Learning That Matters

The College has launched an exciting new project called Learning That Matters. This project is part of a three year collaborative project between Independent Schools Victoria and USA’s Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Beaconhills is one of the schools taking on the ‘Leading Learning that Matters’ project, as it looks at how it can best implement teaching and learning practices relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s students.

Harvard academics Professor David Perkins and Dr Daniel Wilson have visited the College and will be working with us on the Learning That Matters project.

This project will survey the education landscape at our College. It will examine:

  • What learning matters for the 21st century?
  • What matters to parents, students and teachers?
  • How do we lead in learning that matters?

At Beaconhills College the Learning That Matters is:

Learning Mindset:

We inspire our students to continually improve their approach to learning throughout their lives, by being adaptive, collaborative, focused, responsible, knowledgeable and reflective learners.

Environment and Sustainability:

We aim for students to develop a deep understanding of sustainability issues and become responsible stewards of our planet.

Our global community:

We strive for a more inclusive world, by promoting cultural diversity and acknowledging the significance of Australia’s First Nations peoples.

Citizenship and Service:

We encourage participation in local, national and international service to help foster compassion and to enhance the lives of others.


Students are actively supported to build a healthy body, mind and strong sense of personal wellbeing.

Values and Character:

The College values of Respect, Compassion and Integrity guide students to develop their character and identity.