Insursion Presenters Child Safe Registration

Incursion Services Provider Child Safe Code of Conduct Acknowledgment and Registration Form

In line with the Child Safe Standards, It is a requirements of any education services providers to the College, that they and their staff, hold a valid Working with Children Check clearance (WWCC) or a current VIT registration is held, with details provided prior to arrival at the College for your program.

You will be issued a "QuickPin" to confirm this registration process, which is valid for the calendar year of which the registration took place.

You will be required to complete this Child Safe registration process ONCE annually prior to your first visit to the College, or provision of services to any students (on or off campus) for that Calendar year.

Details of the person completing this form
Organisation Details

Adults providing these services

Please complete this section with a list of those persons who will be undertaking the services provision for your business.

Please ensure the SURNAME detailed matches EXACTLY the WWCC details. (i.e. if your card is in your maiden name, then your SURNAME detailed must be your maiden name ).

Holders of VIT must also confirm that they have notified Working with Children Check Victoria of any child-related work they do outside of their school or early childhood service based position (whether paid or voluntary), and noted that Beaconhills College is the organisation this was undertaken at.

Person 1
Beaconhills College Child Safe
Under the Child Safe standards, the College must ensure that all external tutors or third-party education providers, are informed of the:
  • individual and collective obligations and responsibilities for managing the risk of child abuse;
  • child abuse risk in the school environment;
  • the College's current child safe standards and reporting obligations

The College provides you with links that take you directly to the relevant policies, that outline the College's approach to child protection.

Please click on this link to view and download the Beaconhills College Child Safe Code of Conduct.

Please click on this link to view and download the Beaconhills College Child Safe Policy

Please click on this link to view and download the Beaconhills College Procedures for responding to and reporting allegations of Child Abuse


Privacy Statement:

Under the Privacy Act (the Act), Beaconhills College is required to provide you with certain information as to how we protect your privacy and how we comply with the requirements of the Act and the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s). This information is set out in our Privacy Policy which is available on Beaconhills College’s public website and also available upon request in hard copy from the College Reception.

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