Our BYOD Program

Years 9 to 12 students have options with BYOD, while all students in Years 3 to 8 are required to have an iPad.

Here you will find information relating to our BYOD program in which students in Years 9 to 12 utilise their own device.

The premise of the BYOD program is for your child, in consultation with you, to choose a device that is going to benefit their learning. Students are discouraged from selecting a device based on a specific subject and if you are seeking advice regarding which device is best suited to your child’s needs, please contact one of the Heads of Campus eLearning, Dr John Bellavance (Berwick) or Mr Scott Wallace (Pakenham).

All devices should adhere to the minimum requirements set by the College.

We recommend laptops for senior students although iPads are permitted. The devices that are supported at Beaconhills College are

  • MacBook – any model running latest operating system, Catalina
  • Windows notebook/laptop – any model running latest version of Windows 10.
  • iPad – models that run the latest iPadOS.

Please note: Although the school allows students to bring mobile phones, this will not suffice as the student’s primary device.


All devices must have wireless capabilities. The School network requires devices to be capability with 5GHz wireless.

Battery life

The device must be able to remain charged during school hours. It will not be acceptable for students to charge their devices in class. Battery life needs to be able to last between 5 – 6 hours.

Operating system

All devices must be able to run the most current version of the operating system. Anything less than three years old will be sufficient. Any older machines may have compatibility issues with our system.

Please note: Linux and Ubuntu operating systems are not supported on our network


The student’s ability to type at a reasonable speed should be considered.

All devices, Windows and MacBook laptops and Android tablets, must have up-to-date virus software. Students will not be permitted onto the network without up-to-date anti-virus software. Free options for students are available from Microsoft, Sophos, AVG. The only exceptions are iPads.

It is the parent’s responsibility to consider insurance and warranty requirements for their child’s device. The College is not in a position to service hardware repairs. Be aware of the terms and conditions regarding warranty and insurance.

All notebooks must have  a proper protective case.  Tablets must have an appropriate cover. Cases and covers give real protection against accidental damage that would not be covered by a warranty claim. The best insurance against damage is a protective case.

Although most of the Year 9 and Senior School Learning systems will be web-based via our BeaconNet Portal, students are encouraged to utilise apps from the relevant app store (Apple App Store, Windows Store, Google Play, Chrome Store) and various online resources as indicated by their teachers.

It is particularly recommended that students utilise a suite of applications ie word processing, presentation software, spreadsheet etc, (Microsoft Office for Windows laptops or iWork for MacBooks). Student can install MS Office, Office for Mac, or iWorks or get free access to Office 365 – Microsoft’s online version of Office – or use Google Apps for Education.  But please be aware that most teachers use Windows laptops so any work submitted using these suites must be Office-compatible.

The primary Learning Management System (LMS) is ClassNet (for Senior Section) or Stile (for Year 9s), for which students use the College provided username and password to access. Teachers use ClassNet to provide electronic resources and interactive resources and students can use the LMS to electronically submit work.

Each year the Apple Store at Fountain Gate hosts a Beaconhills Parent Night, exclusively for the Beaconhills community. On this night, Apple staff are on hand to show you the latest models of iPads and accessories and bags, as well as explain some of the features of the Pad. More information can be found here.

We hope this will be possible in 2020.

You can still purchase Apple devices from their online store or parents can visit the Apple Store at any time and get assistance with selecting an iPad or MacBook, a suitable cover and, if necessary, creating and using an Apple ID and information on Family Sharing and Restrictions.

We have partnered with JB Education to provide Beaconhills families with easy access to great prices on a range of computer devices.

This includes iPads, MacBooks and laptops by Microsoft and other suppliers as well a range of insurance options and various bags.