iPad1:1 iPad Program

Every student in Years 3 to 8 at Beaconhills College is required to bring their iPad to school each day. The iPad should

  • be fully charged and in good working order
  • be in a protective case that covers the screen and with a stand
  • loaded with the latest iOS version
  • have a battery that will last the day without recharging
  • Wi-Fi capability, rather than SIM card access to 4G/5G networks
  • have all the required apps for their year level, regardless of cost, listed in Section 4 of the BeLearning Lounge.

More information about the iPad program can be found here.

BYOD Program

byod_sampleSenior School students (Years 9- 12) are able to bring their own computing device to school. We recommend laptops for senior students although iPads are permitted. The devices that are supported on the Beaconhills network include

  • MacBook – any model running the latest operating system
  • Windows notebook/laptop – any model running latest version of Windows
  • iPad – models with the latest iPadOS

Please note: Although the school allows students to bring mobile phones, this will not suffice as the student’s primary device.

More information about the BYOD program can be found here.



You can purchase Apple devices from their online store or parents can visit the Apple Store at any time and get assistance with selecting an iPad or MacBook, a suitable cover and, if necessary, creating and using an Apple ID and information on Family Sharing and Parental Restrictions.

JB Hi-Fi Education

Beaconhills families can also access to a JB Education online portal for purchasing various devices, including iPads, MacBooks and Windows laptops -HP, Lenovo, Microsoft – also at excellent prices. Insurance coverage and accessories are also available. Devices can be picked up from your choice of JB HiFi store or delivered to your home.