App lists ready for Headstart Program


Students moving into our Senior Schools can see the App Store Apps required for 2016 academic year. Using the links for Year 10, Unit 1,2 and Uni 3,4 students can see what Apps have been listed. Please note that this list is constantly updated.

Students with a Windows device or an Android device can check availability of Apps on Chrome Store and Google Play. Please note that all students have a Google account linked to their school email account. Details on how to activate your account are on BeLearning Lounge or please go to the IT Helpdesk.

Beaconhills Apple Store – Family Funded Portal


The Beaconhills Apple Store is now available for parents at Beaconhills College. This custom on-line store provides access to special pricing on devices, AppleCare+ and accessories. There is also free delivery and engraving.

Parents can access this link on our BeLearning Lounge under the Your Device menu on the following link

College Shop Learning Resources now available


For 2016 some students will need Learning Resources from our College Shop. Students  in our Junior Schools , Middle School students studying French and  Year 9  all need to purchase learning resources from our College Shop.

Requirements are listed for each year level on our Learning Resources page. Alternatively this link takes you to the Learning Resources section of our College Shop.

Please note that there are deadlines pertaining to the purchase of these resources to ensure timely distribution of these resources to our students.

Junior School stationery: Friday 22nd January

All other learning resources: Friday 5th February

Apple Store – Fountain Gate 18th November


On Wednesday 18th November from 5pm Fountain Gate Apple Store will remain open especially for Beaconhills parents and students. Specialists will be available to assist with any purchases or personal set up of devices during this time. This means you can purchase a device and have it set up before you leave the store.  The store will remain open until all parents have been served. Apple have now confirmed that the store will be open until 7pm.

Parents will be able to access special prices as a result of Beaconhills participating in the Family Funded Program.

Parents are of course able to go to the store at any time to access our special prices.

Apple Store Funded Program


Beaconhills College is a participating school of the Family Funded Program that will provide in-store, telesales and our custom online store with pricing only available for parents of Beaconhills College. This covers special iPad and Mac pricing for students attending our school as well as AppleCare+ and accessories.

So if you are purchasing at an Apple Store or over the phone just let the Specialist know you are parent of the Beaconhills College to access these pricing arrangements.

The custom on-line store ensures that you’re buying the device your student needs, and it offers all the same features of the regular Apple Online Store, like free delivery and engraving. The link to the custom on-line store will be available from next week from our BeLearning Lounge and will be available to parents all year.

Further posts will direct parents to our custom on-line store link.


Fountain Gate Apple – Parent Purchasing portal


We are currently in discussions with Apple to provide our parents with a special Purchasing Portal through Fountain Gate Apple. This Portal will provide access to some special deals for our parents. We are hoping to finalise this arrangement in the next week and a half. More information to follow…

Senior School Booklists Years 10 -12


With the changes to the VCE publishers are still finalising resources which has not allowed our distributor to complete the booklist for our senior school parents. We are hoping to be able to pass this information on early next week.

Apps for 2016 coming soon…


Our teachers are still finalising the App lists for 2016 which will be made available from the 18th November.  More details about student learning resources click here.

Junior School Stationery…


Junior School families will save at least $100 per child on the cost of the 2016 booklist, thanks to a new College initiative. By now parents should have received their booklists. For 2016 the College will bulk buy stationery items for each classroom reducing the overall cost to parents.

With stationery taken care of, you will notice there are only a couple of minor items you will now need to order. It also means students do not have to carry in heavy parcels of stationery at the start of the school year. This initiative ensures all students have access to the same stationery items in their classrooms and that resources are ready to use from the first day of school.

Booklist orders are due back by Wednesday 9 December. More details about student learning resources click here.