Student Login Details

If you are a NEW student to Beaconhills College, or when you begin Year 3, you will be provided with:

  • a College username,
  • a password and
  • a College email address which also acts as your Google account.

on your first day of school from either your class teacher or IT Help Desk in the Beacon Centre.

It is imperative that, on their first day, all new students have the required apps on their devices as listed in Section 4.

New arrivals

  • Middle School students attend orientation sessions at the start of the year where they connect their devices to our WiFi network and are shown how to sign into a number of essential apps.
  • Junior School students receive similar assistance in their classroom from the eLearning Coordinator and their core class teacher.
  • Senior and Year 9 students can visit the Beacon Centre to get their login details and assistance with connecting their device.

Network Access

To access the College WiFi network, all students are required to to install a security certificate onto any device used at school – iPad or laptop.
This can only be done on the school grounds and you will need your username and password to do this. This certificate does no more than identify you and your device as members of the Beaconhills community and allows access to the Internet while on campus.

Any VPN installed on a device can disrupt Internet access on College grounds and should be removed or switched off.

To install the certificate, students can click/tap the green button below or use the manual method:

  • Navigate to (or use the GREEN link below) to install the relevant NetBox certificate based on your device. To complete this process, simply follow the instructions provided on the webpage.
  • iPad Users: the web page loads the certificate into Settings, from where it can be installed. After installation, please follow this path: Settings – General – About – Certificate Trust Settings and turn on all certificates to ensure the certificate is working correctly.

Device Registration for Staff

All staff members must register their College devices (iPads) using the button below. This will enable access to all College applications and systems.

To ensure the certificate is working correctly, please follow this path: Settings – General – About – Certificate Trust Settings and turn on all certificates.