Year 8 Digital Resources List

Every Year 8 student is required to load ALL the iPad resources listed below.

Many of these apps are retained from Year 7.

Most apps are free, but it is important to install the apps with a cost at the start of the year.
Please do not wait until the app is needed in class, because then it will be too late.

From the Apple App Store, 2022 list

These are core apps that will be used across a range of subjects. This App list can be updated during the year.

  • App4  is used to assign student home learning and parents can access their child’s homework through their own App4 account.
  • Showbie is the main Learning Management System (LMS) for receiving resources and submitting work. Students create a Showbie account, or use the same account from the previous year, using the College Google/email account (see below for more details about Google accounts).
  • MyConnect provides easy access to digital textbooks from Campion and online resources from publishers.

On the student’s iPad, tap each of the following icons, which will take you directly to the app’s page in the App Store from where you can install the app.

Year 8 Essential Apps List (All Year 8 students are required to have ALL these essential apps)

Zoom Cloud Meetings (Special requirement in case of school closure)

Year 8 Language Apps

All Year 8 students who are studying French or Japanese are required to have these apps.

Year 8 French Apps (French)

Year 8 Japanese Apps (Japanese)

French students will also have access to digital resources on the AIM Portal, and will be provided with a username and password at the start of the year.

Year 8 Compulsory Novels

Students can obtain a digital version of this book for use of their iPads instead of a hard copy. Check the Campion booklist for more details.

Year 8 Compulsory Novel (Berwick)

Year 8 Compulsory Novel (Pakenham)

Year 8 Optional Novels (Berwick-choose only 1)

Year 8 Optional Novels (Berwick Enrichment English-choose only 1)

Year 8 Optional Novels (All Pakenham-choose only 1)

The College email account is also a Google account.

Please note that all students have been provided with a Google account using their College email address.
New students to Beaconhills will need to activate their Google account by changing their password after it is provided on their first day. This can be done on an iPad through the online email service (links available through the BeaconNet Portal).
For instructions on how to change your password and activate your Google Account click on changing your password.