Year 3 Digital Resource List

Every Year 3 student is required to load ALL the iPad resources listed below.

Many of these apps can be retained for Year 4 and beyond.

Most apps are free, but it is important to install the apps with a cost at the start of the year.
Please do not wait until the app is needed in class, because then it will be too late.

Year 3 students are required to provide their own headphones or ear buds that work with their iPad.

From the Apple App Store, 2022 list

These are core apps that will be used across a range of subjects. Please note that this App list can be updated throughout the year.  On the student’s iPad, and accessing this page in Safari, tap each of the following icons, which will take you directly to the app’s page in the App Store from where you can install the app.

Year 3 Essential Apps (Year 3 students are required to have all these apps)

NAPLAN (Special browser app required for NAPLAN, iPad Minis (all models) and Apple Pencil are not supported.)

Zoom Cloud Meetings (Special requirement in case of school closure)


We have some good news about Junior School booklists. You will no longer have to complete a booklist order.

The College has been able to negotiate a bulk purchase price for all Junior School booklists, which is now included in the College fees. This will include all stationery items as well as some apps and other items such as recorders.

The benefits for parents are:

  • An overall cost saving
  • There is no need to worry about ordering and collecting books or ordering items via our College Shop
  • All books and stationery will be ready in the classroom for the first day of school
  • No packing your child’s school bag with heavy books on the first day

There will still be apps that students need to have installed as part of the Years 3 iPad program which are listed above.