Year 11 (VCE Units 1 and 2) Digital Resources List

Every Unit 1/2 student is required to purchase resources from two places depending on their choice of BYOD.

  • The Apple App and iBook Store for Apple Devices
  • iTunes Shop or Microsoft Store or Chrome Store or Google Play for MacBooks, Windows and Android devices

1. Apple Apps Store – Apple Devices (2022 list)

Year 11 students who are continuing to use their iPads from Middle school are encouraged to keep the Essential & Subject Apps listed below. These are core apps that will be used across a range of subjects.

ClassNet  is for setting student home learning and parents can access their child’s homework through their own account.

Unit 1/2 Apps List (Students are encouraged to keep these apps from past years)

Unit 1/2 Subject App List (Students will be instructed to install these apps by the subject teacher, as required)

2. BYOD: Windows laptops, MacBooks and Android devices

Students with devices under our BYOD program, such as Windows laptops, MacBook laptops or Android tablets are encouraged to utilise apps from the relevant app store and various online resources as indicated by their teachers.

It is particularly recommended that students utilise a suite of applications ie word processing, presentation software, spreadsheet etc, (Microsoft Office for Windows laptops or iWork for MacBooks). Student can install MS Office, Office for Mac, or iWorks or get free access to Office 365 – Microsoft’s online version of Office – or use Google Apps for Education.  But please be aware that most teachers use Windows laptops so any work submitted using these suites must be Office-compatible.

Students can find apps for:

microsoft-icon Windows laptops on the Microsoft Store
iTunes icon MacBooks laptops on iTunes
Chrome store Windows laptops and MacBooks on the Chrome Web Store if using the Google Chrome browser
Google Play Android tablets or phones on Google Play

The College email account is also a Google account.

Please note that all students have been provided with a Google account using their College email address.

New students to Beaconhills will need to activate their Google account by changing their password after it is provided on their first day. This can be done on an iPad through the online email service (links available through the BeaconNet Portal).
For instructions on how to change your password to activate your Google Account click on changing your password.

Students should ensure they have Google Drive which can be downloaded for Windows laptops or MacBooks or from Google Web Store.