Beaconhills College uses a combination of physical and digital text books. This allows the individual student to choose the resource that is best suited to their learning.

To assist us Campion, our bookseller, has provided the following FAQ in case you get stuck.

A. A digital product can be purchased along with the rest of your physical textbooks using the Campion online system. These products cannot be purchased in store and are non-refundable. To view information on how to order a digital product, visit our ‘Parent Help‘ page and click “How to Order” in the black menu.

A. Once you have submitted your order, you will receive a minimum of two emails from Campion. The first will be instantaneous – this is an ‘Order Confirmation’ email which is your record of the items you have purchased. An additional email from Campion will be sent within 1 Business day which will include your digital eBook information and how to gain access to your product.

A. It is highly recommended that you use the student’s required device that will be used for the upcoming school year. This might be an iPad or laptop computer. If you are unsure of what to device to use, it is advised you contact your school for further information.

A. If you have received an email with a digital code, you will be required to create an account with that publisher in order to activate the digital code. When setting up your account, it’s important to use the following;
Username: student College email address
Password: minimum eight (8) characters with one capital letter and one symbol
We recommend you store this Username and password in a safe place and use it for all digital publisher products.

A. Downloading a digital product after receiving an email with an access code
When you order a digital product ending in (Access Code) this requires you to:

Create an account with that specific publisher’s website, or if you already have an account sign in using your existing login information
Using the code received in the email, activate this code to gain access to the digital eBook. An example of a code is ABCD-1234-EFGH
Simply click on the relevant publisher link to access help.