Essential Apps Lists 2021

Every student in Years 3 to 8 at Beaconhills College is required to have an iPad in good working order (with the latest iOS and a battery that will last all day) as well as a collection of apps that the students will need for their classes.

It is imperative that ALL these apps, regardless of cost, are installed by the start of the year and not only when they are needed.

Students in Years 9-12 are able to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and will need to ensure they install apps that suit their choice of device.

Tap the relevant button below to see the apps list for each year level.

year-levels_9 Year-levels_11

How to Download Apps from the Apple App Store … (more tips here from the Apple web site)

 campionCampion Booklist 2021

From Campion: Keeping Parents and Students Safe during COVID-19

We have some good news about Junior School booklists. You will no longer have to complete a booklist order. The College has been able to negotiate a bulk purchase price for all Junior School booklists, which is now included in the College fees.

Parents of older students must use the online booklist system if they wish to purchase resources via Campion using one of the campus links below:

Campion-Berwick Campion-Pakenham

The Campion website has recently undergone an update whereby everyone needs to create an account before they can access the booklists. Creating an account simply involves entering an email address and selecting a password. They do not ask for any other information.

Submission of the online booklist needs to be done by Friday 18 December 2020.

If you require any assistance with your digital textbooks, click here for the Campion online help.

More information and FAQs on digital textbooks can be found here.

For information about remaining safe online and resources for parents – click here