Campion has released MyConnect, an iPad app and website, that provides easy access to textbooks and digital resources from multiple publishers, in one easy-to-find location accessed using the student’s College email address and password.

There is no longer the need to individually sign on to each publisher’s site for each textbook and create an account. This will be done by Campion, our book supplier, and linked to one account under the student’s College email address.

Middle School students can use the MyConnect2 app available from the Apple App Store.

Alternatively use these links for the web versions:

The eTexts for following subjects are available to students via Campion MyConnect2:

  • Years 7 and 8 Science and Humanities,
  • Year 9 Mathematics,
  • Year 10 Mathematics,
  • VCE Geography Units 1/2 and 3/4

Parents are asked NOT to activate any digital products.

Students will be able to access the digital ebook through the Campion MyConnect platform at the commencement of the new school year using their College credentials. New students to the College will be provided with their credentials on their first day of school.

Digital products for Year 7 to 10 are active for only 12 months so they cannot be sold as second-hand products or passed to other family members.

The textbook as a digital product only is sufficient for all the above subjects.

However, if a parent decides to purchase a second hand book for their child, it is imperative that the associated digital product is also purchased through the Campion booklist as this will be required for their studies. Parents need to be aware that the cost of a hardcopy and digital bundle is usually only slightly more than the digital product. So to be financially viable, the cost of a second-hand book should not exceed the difference between hardcopy/digital bundle and the digital product which is around $10-20 depending on the book. 

For VCE Subjects:
Re-activation codes for digital resources
Some publishers have re-activation codes available for our families which will be listed and can be purchased from the booklist. Parents who choose to purchase a second-hand hard copy textbook must ensure it contains an activation code that will need to be used in conjunction with their purchased re-activation code.