App4 ePlanner

The App4 ePlanner Solution is a suite of three apps that replace the traditional school diary. Students, parents and teachers can experience an interactive diary, calendar, home learning tasks and information manager that puts everything at their fingertips and is always up to date. App4 is now available for all students and parents from Years 5 to 9 to track home learning tasks and timings of assessment tasks.

(Years 10, 11 and 12 students will use the calendar functions of ClassNet for home learning tasks, the learning management system used in the Senior sections.)

Accounts for new students are created for the student’s first day at the College. New students and parents cannot login until this time.

App4 can accessed either as an app on an iPad or online here:

App4 ePlanner (Berwick) App4 ePlanner (Pakenham)

Parents can access App4 ePlanner and see their child’s homework via the BeaconNet Portal using their BeaconNet username and password combination.

If you don’t know what this is, you can use the Parent Account Recovery link on this page.

App4 Parents is available for iPhones from the App Store.


App4 ePlanner is available via a dedicated iPad app

App4 Teachers App4 Parents App4 Students


» Students can download the iPad app from here.
» Parents can download the iPad app from here.
» App4Teachers is automatically loaded on teacher’s College iPads.

School identifiers for the app:

If you are on the Berwick Campus, the school identifier is bhber
If you are on the Pakenham Campus, the school identifier is bhpak