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AFP urges parents to protect children as they head back to school


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) are warning parents not to post photos of their children on their first day of school without locking down their privacy settings.

Images with children in school uniform, their name or indicators of their location in the background can be used by offenders to build a profile and groom parents and children.

“The first day of school is one of those milestones for parents. Children in their uniform on their first day of school are treasured photos in many family albums,” Command Sirec said.

“There’s no reason why parents and carers cannot continue to take those wonderful happy snaps and post them online. However, we are urging parents and carers who are sharing those images to make sure they’re using secure privacy settings and only sharing images with people they know and trust.”

Photos posted online of their child’s first day at school can reveal a lot of personal information and travel more widely than intended.

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